What is a Sisterlocks(TM) Trainee?

Graduates of the comprehensive Sisterlocks TM training program are known as 'Trainees' or 'Trainee Consultants' until they are 'certified'.

These graduates are freshly qualified and recently trained.  They may have Sisterlocks themselves and can be 'veterans' (with mature locks e.g. 5 yrs old) or 'younger' lockers (e.g. 18 months), many of whom have taken retightening classes and are ready to take that step towards offering the Sisterlocks service to others.

As a rule of thumb, Trainee services tend to be lower than fully certified Consultants.

The most important questions to ask are, "Have you taken the Sisterlocks training course?" and "Do you have active status with the Home Office?" as some individuals allow a significant amount of time pass without applying for certification - in such cases the individuals are deemed "inactive".

Since Sisterlocks is a trademark company, no unauthorized individuals can lawfully offer the system. Every program graduate with "active" status will appear either on the Official Sisterlocks Certified Consultant list or on the Official Sisterlocks Trainee Registry.  If in doubt - contact the Home Office.

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