Hayes, London, UB1

Melanie Allen

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  1. To all my locs sisters and brothers.
    This is simply a place where locs bloggers who have informative photos filled journeys of their locs proccess can be found.
    bloggers here have possitive, but real stories of thier journeys, some from day 1.
    enjoy the stories, pictures and feel free to ask questions and leave anwsers.
    do not copy photos with out owners permission.
    have a great day mel

  2. For anyone who, like myself, has been looking for a consultant who not only understands sistalocs but "hair" then I would sincerely recommend Mel Allen.

    Mel is professional, friendly and has an expert approach and knowledge of hair. Her set up is comfortable and professional as what you would expect from any salon.By that I mean you do not sit on an old wooden chair for 3-4 hours, which I feel is unacceptable! She was able to give me great tips on my personal haircare and maintenance and I left, after my retwist, feeling very satisfied. Bless-up Mel!


  3. For does out there who has had there locs for a long time like me (12 years) and was tried of the two tone colour (natrually to your hair) and wants a change!!!!!

    I had my locs coloured by mel who is very professional, polite, welcoming, at her profession. It was a nice experience to have mine hair dyed with a differents (being spontaneous). Mel gave me good advice on what colours would look good with my complexion and quailty of hair my locs,she use a dye which worked wonderful with my locs. She knows what is best for your loc when giving advice also how to look after and maintain the colour when it is done.



  4. For all natural hair / braids brothers and sisters.

    Been coming to Mel for 10 years this year. Started with little no on hair - now touching my shoulders!!

    Mel not only does your hair but has the ability to select the correct hair products, treatments based on the health / state of your hair. Cannot tell you how much this seperates her from the rest. Highly recommended.

    Thanx Mel

  5. Brother Baaraki el

    To all that get the chance to meet mel i no youl be saying or morelesse what great exsperiance your've had with her over a period of time getting your hair done.

    To me she is miss magic hands.

  6. Been coming to Mels now for 7 years now I would fully reccommend her services. She is very knowledgeable about hair and hair maintenance. She is the only person I would trust completely to do my hair.

    I have been using her coconut oil on my hair and the results have been fantastic. This oil has completely removed all the itchiness and irratation I had previously. Also the oil really agrees with my hair has there has been an improvement in bothe the quality and length of my hair.

    Thanks Mel

  7. I was introduced to Mel by my mum. I started out with twist and had that for a few years then went on to having corn rows. My 2 daughters also go to Mels to have their hair done in different styles. I would highly recommend Mels services as she is very experienced in what she does and gives very good advice.

  8. Joanne said
    I have been coming to Mel's for quite a few years now. In this time, I have tried various styles and colours. Mel always makes me feel comfortable and gives me encouragement to try different hair styles, rather than always sticking to the same one year in year out. I have suffered with scalp irritations, Mel used natural coconut hair products, which greatly improved the condition of my scalp.

    I always look forward to getting my hair done by Mel!

  9. Hi everyone I was sisterlocked by Mel on 2 Jan and 5 Jan. She is a warm and lovely person she welcomes you into her home is relaxed and easy and what she doesn't know about hair isn't worth knowing. Ive been to hairdressers all my life and they make you feel as though they're doing you a favour not so with Mel knows people, customer service and she knows her business. I am looking forward to my 1st re-tightening.